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Mesloh Counseling Center offers a wide range of services to other professionals, including Board Supervision for PLPCs and consultation groups for clinicians. 

PLPC Individual Supervision

Are you a PLPC or Graduate Student looking for a Board Supervisor? Our Board approved LPC Supervisor is available for individual PLPC supervision.

PLPC Group Supervision

Group supervision is a valuable part of the learning process for PLPCs! Our Board approved LPC Supervisor holds one group supervision session per month.

Consultation Group

Consultation is an essential part of our role as counselors. Our counselors hold monthly Consultation Groups in our conference room to build a network for clinicians. Our goal is to provide an environment for learning, support, and ensuring best practices. This group is open to clinicians of all theoretical orientations and levels of licensure.

Supervision and Consultation: Packages & Rates
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