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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

I have this friend who always cheers me on, always tells me she's proud of me, and seems to believe in me even when I don't. A friend who once told me that I should go to school because she was in school at the time and thought it would be great if we were college students together. Of course I didn't listen to her at first. I was too busy being 20-something and living carefree. Besides, I was thinking about re-enlisting in the Army and living my high-speed life all over the world.

Only one day I woke up to realize that I had two young children and while I liked my job, my husband and I both worked multiple jobs to support our little family. So one day I came home and told my husband that, at the age of 27, I wanted to go to college. My third child was born my sophomore year.

I spent many years pursuing one degree after another. And do you know what I discovered along the way? Passion. Passion for helping others, for learning how to sit with someone in their pain and just be present for them. To just listen. A passion for helping others learn how to claim control of their lives and live a life of their choosing, to find their paths. I learned how to appreciate the little moments along my path.

I learned to listen to my friend. She's a pretty smart lady.

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